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Harnessing Headwinds: Successfully Navigating Change & Adversity

September 20
12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
(Paid Session)


Nicole Malachowski,
First Woman Thunderbird Pilot, Combat Veteran, Fighter Squadron Commander, White House
Fellow & Adviser

Leaders across every industry and experience level share one thing in common: To be successful they need to effectively navigate failure, organizational change and the unknown. Like headwinds to a pilot, these perceived barriers can force you to change direction, cost you momentum and even take away options. Nicole Malachowski, the first woman Thunderbird pilot and combat veteran, will show how with the right mindset, individuals and teams can learn to harness the energy of these headwinds in their advantage. Be inspired and bolster your ability to: 

  • Increase resilience, reinvention, regroup and adaptability 

  • Endure the discomfort of the unknown 

  • Have courage to rise above self-doubt and cultural paradigms 

  • Overcome personal and professional failures 

  • Effectively navigate organizational and cultural change 




2024 C.A.R.
Housing Market Forecast Lunch

September 21
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

(Paid Session)

Jordan Levine_edited.jpg

Jordan Levine,
SVP and Chief Economist,


It’s no secret the California housing market is shifting. Be prepared for what’s to come with a can’t-miss economic forecast of the 2024 Housing Market with C.A.R.’s Chief Economist, Jordan Levine. Jordan will provide valuable data and insights into today’s pressing housing issues that may impact your clients and your business in the future.




Individual Lunch Pricing


Advance (6/15-9/18)

o C.A.R. Members: $110

o Non-Members: $125

Onsite (9/20 & 9/21)

o C.A.R. Members: $120

o Non-Members: $135



Keynote lunch pass is only available with the purchase of the two-day REimagine! Conference pass.

Keynote Lunch Package -
Bundle and Save $20

Everybody loves a great deal! Register for both the Wednesday and Thursday keynote lunches and save $20 with the keynote lunch bundle package.


Advance (6/15-9/18)

o C.A.R. Members: $200

o Non-Members: $230

Onsite (9/20)

o C.A.R. Members: $220

o Non-Members: $250

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